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www.tellMarcos.com – Tell Marco’s  – Marco’s Pizza customer satisfaction survey – Marcos welcomes y’all with an open heart to participate in an online survey that they have conducted. The survey is known as Marco’s Pizza Customer Experience Survey. The survey is for the improvement of their services. Marco’s Pizza is also offering a chance to win a Marcos Coupon Code to redeem at the end of the survey.



In this article, I will be explaining the need for the survey and a guide toward participation. So, keep on track and follow all the instructions given below.

Step-by-step guide toward the participation

  • STEP 1 | Visit Marco’s Pizza Customer Satisfaction Survey at  www.tellmarcos.com to continue the survey code. You will then be redirected to Marco’s Pizza Customer Feedback Survey.
  • STEP 2 | Select Marco’s Store Location and choose one option which you preferred for the survey. Have your receipt Code? – Start Survey. No receipt code no problem – Give Feedback
  • STEP 3 | You will have to provide the  Marco’s Pizza survey code/Marco’s Code from your receipt you can click the link below
  • STEP 4 | Begin your TellMarco’s Pizza Survey by mentioning the type of your visit: Drive-thru, Dine or Carry Out. Press START after you answer each of the questions in the survey.
  • STEP 5 | Now, You will have to rate your general satisfaction with the services and products during your visit to Marco’s Pizza Restaurant.
  • STEP 6 | All of the questions in the survey will be related to how you were treated as a customer in Marco’s Pizza and how the employees welcomed and served you if the products were liked or not.
  • STEP 7 | your recommendations to friends or family and so on. You can answer each question as honestly as possible.
  • STEP 8 | Once you have completed Marco’s Pizza Customer Feedback Survey you will receive the Validation Code. Write this code on your receipt. And don’t forget to take it with you the next time you go to Marco’s Pizza Restaurant.

Rewards of the survey


The company is providing a Marcos Pizza Coupons / Validation Code. You can redeem this coupon at any Marco’s Pizza Restaurant location.

The Coupon Code will come in three forms: a validation code on your Marco’s Pizza Receipt. To redeem your coupon code offer. You need to bring the receipt with the code on it the next time you dine at Marco’s pizza. Participants are qualified for only one coupon code and each coupon expires 30 days from the date of the purchase.

First, know about the rules and regulations of the survey

  • You must have purchased at a Marcos Pizza location and have the purchase receipt.
  • When you receive the Coupon Code, must be redeemed within 30 days of the receipt date
  • You must write a validation code on your receipt and take the code when you should next visit Marco’s.
  • Complete Marco’s Pizza Online Survey with the help of Internet Connection through a laptop, PC, smartphone, or tablet.
  • You need to provide your personal information about your valid email address, phone number, and address to have the chance to win the rewards prize.
  • Basic knowledge or awareness of the English or Spanish language.
  • It will not take 5-10 minutes to finish Marco’s Survey.

The aim of the survey

Marco’s aims to improve on the weak portion of its services and products. Your opinions and thoughts are valued by the company, so help them with your opinions and thoughts to enrich customer relations.

So, go through Marcos’ Guest Experience Survey at www.tellMarcos.com, you are allowed to share all your thoughts and experience and your calls tell the improvements and changes you want from the company.

Through this survey, the company can learn more about the customer’s experience and what they can give back to the customer in addition to that. To complete the survey, you just need to share your dining experience honestly and precisely.

About the company

Marco’S Pizza offers authentic Italian pizza in America. Founded in 1978, the restaurant offers pizzas of varying sizes and flavors.

The restaurant has multiple outlets across America and looks forward to setting up its 1000th store sometime in 2019. This multi-award-winning company, however, doesn’t lose the urge for learning and improvement.

Through this survey, Marco’s Pizza would like to know how happy its customers are with the service, food, restaurant ambiance, et,c. and also collect constructive feedback to make improvements.



In 2021, the top 50% of Marco’s franchised stores generated average sales of $1,198,201*.

You can find a more detailed breakdown of financial results in our Business Model eBook on our Franchise Disclosure Document.

We cannot speculate on or predict your bottom line results, which are determined by numerous outside factors including location, your skill as a franchisee, and the skill of your management team. We encourage you to speak with existing Marco franchisees and ask about their P&to to set expectations. You can find a list of franchisees in Item 20 of the Franchise Disclosure Document. Assuming you meet the qualifications to become an owner, our recruiters will happily provide introductions to any of them.


No. However, we have a list of preferred lenders that invest in franchisees’ businesses and are familiar with our brand.


I hope you all have read the above article properly. I have explained all the necessary information regarding this survey. I hope you didn’t find any difficulty understanding the instructions given above and I wish you luck.

Thanks for your valuable time.

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